Papers 2006

  • G. BAILO, M. BARIANI, A. CHIAPPORI, R.STAGNARO, “Adaptive Interpolation Algorithm for Fast and Efficient Video Encoding in H.264”, 14th European Signal Processing Conference – EUSIPCO 2006, Florence, Italy, September 4-8, 2006
  • G. BAILO, M. BARIANI, M. RAGGIO, R.STAGNARO, “H.264 Fast Encoder with Adaptive Interpolation Based on Motion Detection Algorithm”, 12th International Conference on Distributed Multimedia Systems DMS2006, Grand Canyon USA, August 30  September 1,  2006
  • G. BAILO, I.BARBIERI, M. RAGGIO, S.CEVASCO, “Telemedicine Facing Emergency: Health Data,Video and Audio Real-Time Trasmission and Storage”, 9th Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design DSD2006, Dubrovnik, Croatia, August 30  September 1,  2006
  • G. BAILO, M.BARIANI, A. CHIAPPORI, F.SGUANCI, “H.264 Search Window Size Algorithm for Fast and Efficient Video Coding with Single Pixel Precision and No Background Estimation for Motion Detection”, 3th Consumer communication and networking conference, CCNC2006 IEEE,Las Vegas, 8-10 January, 2006

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