Cifrari Classici [Eng][Ita]

The encryption and the algorithms that implement this science have always fascinated me. In recent years I have deepened my knowledge of programming and the study of algorithms both developed in a functional way and in objects, and recently I have also studied in depth the flow diagrams to describe algorithms thanks to a free program called Flowgorithm, designed for those who are at first weapons with programming so perfect for teaching / learning. This program allows you to describe functional algorithms in a simple and intuitive way, to make them work and therefore to generate the equivalent code in various languages.


While I was taking my programming classes, I came across Jefferson’s cylinder and wanted to use it at the didactic level, doing it first with functional programming and then with object-oriented programming. From this came the curiosity to investigate the history of classic mechanical ciphers that led me to see and implement the most famous ones.

In this book I have collected my implementations, enriched by a historical analysis and images created by me, of 3D reproductions and code both developed with a functional approach through the use of block diagrams and Java code generated by the Flowgorithm program and some others also with object-oriented programming.

I hope this book will be useful for students who want to deepen their knowledge of both functional and object programming and classical encryption algorithms.

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Here there are Flowgorithm schemas (Download Flowgorithm to use them)

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