Sparcstation 20

The SPARCstation 20 represents the high end workstation of the sun4m age. It’s mostly the same as the SPARCstation 10 inside,use the Aurora (similar to SPARCstation 4/5), but has some extra features.  It’s normally a decent workstation still today although a lot of things depend on the exact configuration. The SS20 can go from 40 to 200Mhz (with Ross Hypersparc Modules), 1 to 4 processors and 16 to 512 MB RAM. The difference between a low end and a high end configuration of one single workstation is impressive.My workstation is not original at all, because i used two SPARCstation 20 and one SPARCstation 4 (for Aurora case) to build this one. But the final result is a perfect regenerated single SPARCstation 20.

my configuration is:

  • Hostname: Soft-15
  • CPU: 1xSM71  75Mhz  SuperSPARC II
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Graphics: TurboGX 8bit color
  • Harddisk :4,5GB
  • bus-type: sbus
  • sbus: Solaris 8
  • Currently used for: Web-server (Apache)
  • build: 1994