HttpDesk is a open source software for pc screen capture and relay in real time (screencast) as mjpeg http streaming in various formats (from 320×240 to 1920×1200). It is possible to set capture frame rate and encoding bitrate. It is compliant with any web-browser (Firefox tested) and VideoLan clients. Put right address in your client (like and you will see remote desktop (only see, not control). It is fully compliant with boundary http streaming, then a lot of clients (like dvr) can be used with this software for recording. Even VideoLan is perfect for recording HttpDesk mjpeg stream.


  • Http mjpeg streaming (Firefox and VideoLan compliant)
  • Variable framerate/bitrate
  • Recording (With client)
  • Dvr compliant
  • Windows/Linux version
  • Simple

Downloads: Windows 32/64 , Ubuntu (64 Bit)Source Code

For compile source code:

  1. Create HttpDeskDevelop directory
  2. Put HttpDesk directory in HttpDeskDevelop
  3. Download ffmpeg-0.6.6, extract in HttpDeskDevelop
  4. Rename ffmpeg-0.6.6 to FFMpeg-0.6.6
  5. Follow my Linux and/or Windows ffmpeg compile How-To
  6. Download source code, put it into newly created HttpDesk directory and unpack it
  7. Open .pro for your Op.Sys. with QTCreator
  8. Rebuild and Run

The software is over GNU GPL Open source license. Dexmac may not be held liable for any damages in any form resulting from the use of this software or others files. You may use them at your own risk. By downloading any of the files contained on this page, you are agreeing to this statement.