AC64 (Arduino-C64 interface)

Ac64 is a way to use a good old C64 to learn Arduino (and Electronics in general). Why only to collect (or put it into basement) a c64 when it is possible to use it to learn (or simply to have fun) ?
Here there is a nice why to do that….

Ac64’s components:
1) Arduino Uno R3 (Link)
2) Commodore 64 User Port Connector (*) (Link)
3) Container Box (**) modified to accept user port connector
4) Commodore 64 program manual (Link)
5) Connecting wire
6) Soldering iron

Instructions to build:

To build AC64 you need an Arduino Uno R3 (Genuino Uno R3), an user port connector.
Connect the Arduino directly to the C64 user ports (Tx,Rx) connector using the table below.

Arduino C64 User Port
TX B & C

& meaning soldering with a wire, you can find user port description here

Instructions to load firmware:

There are some firmware (Serial control, webclient, lol) to load on AC64 to match right shield or right function. download it, and upload to Arduino following instructions on

Instructions to load and run c64 basic code

Download ac64.d64 and put it into sd card, loading it with hardware tool like sd2iec following user manual. After mount select program you need, according to right firmware loaded on AC64.

Arduino lol :Download

Arduino serial control (***) :Download

Arduino web client :Download

C64 imagedisk :Download

Container Box Open (**):Download

(**) Modified (size and user port connector adapder) 3D Printed Case for Arduino by Zygmunt Wojcik
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Link
(***) modified to match c64 character map, under open source (GPL2) Link

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