Scalable Internet Phone (Siphone)


Siphone is a generic voice over ip tool, developed in 2002; it permits point-to-point connection between two standard pc with Microsoft windows 2000/XP (works fine with wine on linux). There is a lot of this tools on the network but this is flexible for low band connection because bitrate not is fixed but can change from 2.4kbit to 40kbit during runtime. Also transport protocol is modifiable during runtime to selecting from tcp to udp for best network use. If tcp is used, transmission result perfect with no packet loss, but connection have a bit of delay (some isp permit only tcp communication). Udp can loose some of audio information, but very little delay is achieve.This this utility is free of charge. Dexmac may not be held liable for any damages in any form resulting from the use of this software or others files. You may use them at your own risk. By downloading any of the files contained on this page, you are agreeing to this statement.

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