Indigo 2

Indigo2 is one of the finest graphic workstations ever built, and in it’s powerful configuration (R10000 + Max Impact) is still a very good computer (there are beautiful demo for this machine). The Indigo2 was in the middle of the SGI production, between the Indy workstation, and the server line Onyx. My Indigo 2 is R10000 – 256MEG- 36 Giga – Maximum Impact model, the case (teal one… strange because usually these are related to not-impact models) was in not pretty condition but with patience and care the workstation is now near to brand new model. Now it is installed with irix 6.5

my configuration is:

Hostname: Soft-21
CPU: R1000 195Mhz Mips
RAM: 256MB
Graphics: Maximum Impact
Hard Disk: 36,0GB
Bus-type: EISA + GIO
Operating system: Irix 6.5
Build: 1994

Sparcstation 20

The SPARCstation 20 represents the high end workstation of the sun4m age. It’s mostly the same as the SPARCstation 10 inside,use the Aurora (similar to SPARCstation 4/5), but has some extra features.  It’s normally a decent workstation still today although a lot of things depend on the exact configuration. The SS20 can go from 40 to 200Mhz (with Ross Hypersparc Modules), 1 to 4 processors and 16 to 512 MB RAM. The difference between a low end and a high end configuration of one single workstation is impressive.My workstation is not original at all, because i used two SPARCstation 20 and one SPARCstation 4 (for Aurora case) to build this one. But the final result is a perfect regenerated single SPARCstation 20.

my configuration is:

  • Hostname: Soft-15
  • CPU: 1xSM71  75Mhz  SuperSPARC II
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Graphics: TurboGX 8bit color
  • Harddisk :4,5GB
  • bus-type: sbus
  • sbus: Solaris 8
  • Currently used for: Web-server (Apache)
  • build: 1994