Anpr-Pi, Anpr over Raspberry Pi B, is a my little project about a very cheap plate recognition hardware. Recognition is relative strong:
rotated/skewed plates can be recognize (alghoritm is mine and you can found it HERE as code:blocks project).
in Anpr-PI i put my algorithm into a raspberry pi with camera compatibile code with opencv support and modify it to give correct plate recognition.

Anpr-Pi Components:
1) Raspberry-Pi (Link)
2) Paspberry-Pi Camera (Link)
3) Adafruit display (Link)
4) Air Mouse-Keyboard

I used Linux raspberrypi 3.12.26+ #7 PREEMPT Wed Sep 17 14:25:24 EDT 2007-2017 armv6l GNU/Linux

Follow instruction on these links:
1)Installing camera hardware Link
2)Installing OpenCv Link
3)Install GOCR with "sudo apt-get install gocr"
Now you have contest and you can rebuild my platecam project putting it into /opt/vc/userland-master creating /opt/vc/userland-master/platecam
cd into platecam, then make clean; make; and run "./platecam -l" . It has two options -r (activate rotation compensation,experimental) and
-l activate gocr learn mode).

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Anpr-Pi code:Download

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