Interest area finder

One day, one my friend, asked to me a method to find an area where there is a particular movement.This is useful for ocr, for example, live on TV.
An algorithm to do that is not so difficult, because in computer vision/video compression
literature there is a method called "motion estimation" applying this method to a raw video stream, it is possible to find connected regions where there is a movement to a specific direction (filtering other directions).
In this demo, I write from scratch a motion detection optimized in SSE assembler (in c it is very slow) with a filter on left direction. But with motion estimation instant directions, there are some errors.
An optimization is the media value of direction values. In fact, as it is possible to see in demo software, at the start of video, there are some errors, but with time, there are no more errors.This demo is free of charge. Dexmac may not be held liable for any damages in any form resulting from the use of this software or others files. You may use them at your own risk. By downloading any of the files contained on this page, you are agreeing to this statement.